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Meet the people behind this website & course who work together to help seniors enjoy their golden years at home

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meet steve maxwell & The Aging well at home Team

Meet the People behind the AGING WELL AT HOME Program

We offer guidance, clarity and confidence in the sometimes confusion world of aging in place home modifications. Our AGING WELL AT HOME course is the center piece of this program.

I’ve been building, renovating and advising homeowners on technical issues since 1988, and I use this experience to help seniors enjoy healthier, happier golden years in your own home. Over the years my articles, videos and syndicated columns have appeared in The Toronto Star, Canadian Contractor magazine, Cottage Life, Canadian Home Workshop, The National Post, The Ottawa Citizen, The Halifax Herald and other print publications, and online around the world and at BaileyLineRoad.com


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These are the people who make AGING WELL AT HOME happen. Like many things online these days, our team works together remotely. I’ve been working with some of these skilled experts for more than 30 years. Robert is my son, and he lives and works from a cabin in the woods on the same rural property where I live on Manitoulin Island, Canada. It sure is nice having a videographer so close by. David is an amazing web designer living in Toronto and is responsible for making this site look so good. Len and I went to the same high school and we began working together in 1990 creating illustrations. I’ve known and worked with Amy even longer through our time together at Canadian Home Workshop magazine.

Robert Maxwell - Photo
Robert Maxwell – videographer
David Kissner - Photo
David Kissner – website design
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Len churchill – plans & illustrations
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Amy McCleverty – Logos & graphics