Would you like to avoid the nursing home?

We Help Seniors Age Well in Their own Home

Most houses are not made to let seniors live safely & comfortably as the years go on. Our mission is to advise & guide seniors on renovations and enhancements that make it possible to spend your golden years in the home you love.

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Convert Your Home for Safe & Sustainable Seniors Living

I’m Steve Maxwell, builder & renovator, & my team and I advise seniors on enhancements & renovations that allow aging in place with safe, sustainable home features. Most seniors don’t want to move into institutional care, but to avoid this you need to make appropriate changes to your home ahead of the need. Our unique course provides . . .

  • Wheelchair Plans & porch lifts
  • One-on-one Answers by Email
  • Advice finding a contractor
  • Top Product Recommendations
  • Gov. grant & tax credit info

See what they’re saying . . .

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  • Susan & Ian M.

“Many years of reading Steve’s home improvement column and his blog convinced both of us that his knowledge and advice for aging well at home renovation are sensible and useful, and take account of the aesthetics of the project as well as the fundamental details like tools and skills needed. He immediately, for example, offered us an in-ground alternative to a raised ramped that suits our site and will be very much in tune with our own vision for our garden. All praise so far.”

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  • Jake C.

“One of the best things I did is sign up for Steve’s online course. Not only does the material itself offer a super learning experience but the offered bonus is one of the best parts. What is that bonus? You get access to have your particular questions answered. So if you’re stuck on some unforeseen problem, you’re not alone. Steve’s knowledge and his “I’ve seen that before” background, he gave me the understanding and the confidence to deal with the problem and get back to work. “

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  • Dave P.

“Purchased your course, looks very detailed and thorough, probably nothing better out there as far as guidance goes. I will start planning here shortly. I left positive feedback on the website for the online class I just finished. I really enjoyed it and now look forward to lots of success. The pace was just right for me and the level of detail was good as well. I hope they’ll be other similar classes in the future. Overall, very pleased and appreciate your time and quick responses. Thanks again!”

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Learn to Age well at home
Aging Well at home

Most seniors Want to Stay in Their home as They age

According to a recent survey, 78% of seniors want to live in their own home, but only 26% feel they will be able to. Why the difference? Lack of knowledge about how to modify homes for seniors living is the reason why. Making things better for seniors is what our AGING WELL AT HOME course and program are all about. If you want to age in place with dignity, and avoid the nursing home, we can help.

the AGING WELL AT HOME Course includes . . .

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Most aging well at home modifications involve products, and the course includes dozens of our specific picks.

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Home access

Construction plans for a wheelchair ramp and insights on porch lift options are all part of the course.

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Email Support

As good as this course is, there’s no substitute for getting answers to specific questions.